People counting system with Bluetooth tags released by FLIR Systems

July 16, 2019
Bluetooth Low Energy tags are used to filter employees from shoppers.

The FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor, designed to help retail businesses track customer traffic and sales conversation metrics, can filter out store employees that wear Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags. No manual action by the user is required to remove these employees from people counts. The data can be accessed through the FLIR Brickstream user interface, or integrated with retail analytics software.

The Gen 2 model of the Brickstream hardware has a 21% wider field of view than the first generation hardware, an integrated surface mount, mounting height range of 2.2 – 14 m,  hidden wiring out the back of the device, and 2 lens options.

The BLE tags are available in a round, button-like format at Φ 39 x 15.5 mm size, a weight of 19 grams, and a replaceable CR2477 battery, or in a 90 x 60 x 4 mm card format that weighs 18 grams and does not feature a replaceable battery.


To Learn More:

Contact: FLIR Systems
Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR, USA
Product: Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor
Key Features: Integrated surface mount, mounting height range of 2.2 – 14 m, hidden wiring, 2 lens options.

What FLIR Systems says: View more information on the Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor.

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