INSPECTIS releases standalone digital inspection microscope

Sept. 24, 2019
The C12s camera is designed in part for PCB assembly inspection.

The Inspectis C12s digital inspection microscope from INSPECTIS AB is a modular version of the original C12 digital inspection system. The C12s offers a standalone camera, without the remote camera control and HD monitor included in the C12 package.

Featuring auto focus, 12x zoom, 90x magnification, and 245 mm adjustable working distance, the C12s camera can produce HD 720p images at 60 Hz and 720p images at 50 Hz, with an HDMI interface. The camera also features a one-cable-out design and is enclosed in an industrial-grade aluminum housing.

Optional accessories include stands, lens attachments, XY tables, and laser pointers.


To Learn More:

Headquarters: Solna, Sweden
Product: C12s digital camera
Key Features: Auto focus, 12x zoom, 90x magnification, 245 mm adjustable working distance, HD 720p at 60 Hz, 720p at 50 Hz.

What INSPECTIS says: View more information on the C12s digital camera.

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