FLIR releases board version of Blackfly S camera

Sept. 25, 2019
Color and monochrome versions feature the Sony IMX183 sensor.

The Blackfly S board level camera, available in color and mono versions, features a Sony IMX183, 20 MPixel, 17 fps, 1” Exmor CMOS rolling shutter image sensor. A low-profile two-board stack and USB are placed over a flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector.

Featuring 2.4 µm pixel size and 5472 x 3648 resolution, the board level cameras are 29 x 29 x 12 mm in size, support USB3 or GigE interfaces over FPC connectors, have a low profile JST GPIO connector, and no fixed lens mount.

The cameras have an operating temperature of 0° C - 50° C, a noise rating of 3.29 e-, dynamic range of 71.95 dB, and require require 5 V power.


To Learn More:

Contact: FLIR
Headquarters: Richmond, BC, CanadaProduct: Blackfly S 20 MPixel board level cameraKey Features: IMX183 sensor, 2.4 µm pixel size, 5472 x 3648 resolution, 29 x 29 x 12 mm, USB3 and GigE interface support.

What FLIR says: View more information on the Blackfly S 20 MPixel color and mono board level cameras.

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