Event-based image sensor released by Prophesee

Sept. 26, 2019
Independent pixels only activate upon sensing a change of scene.

The Metavision CMOS image sensor, developed by Prophesee SA, provides 640 x 480 resolution with 15 µm pixel size in 3/4” optical format. It features 40 – 200 µs latency, 66 Meps maximum bandwidth, >120 dB dynamic range, 0.04 lux low-light cutoff, and <1 mHz background noise activity.

The new sensor is event-based, i.e. features independent pixels that activate only upon sensing a change of image and can provide >10,000 fps while drawing < 10 mW. The sensor has a 13 x 15 mm mini PBGA package, manufactured in a .18 µ CIS process.


To Learn More:

Contact: Prophesee SA
Headquarters: Paris, France
Product: Metavision image sensor
Key Features: 640 x 480, 15 µm pixel, 3/4” optical format, 40 – 200 µs latency, 66 Meps max bandwidth, >120 dB dynamic range.

What Prophesee says: View more information on the Metavision image sensor.

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