Fixed mounted forward looking infrared cameras feature numerous customization options

April 10, 2020
The FMX series infrared cameras offer a wide range of lens and enclosure choices.

The FMX 640 and FMX 320 infrared cameras from Infrared Cameras Inc. are fixed mounted Ethernet-based cameras with forward looking infrared sensors. The cameras have standard spectral bands of 7 µm – 14 µm and broadband versions with 3 µm – 14 µm spectral range, with PoE and Ethernet output. Both cameras are Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) compliant.

According to the manufacturer, FMX series cameras are designed for process control, research and development, machine vision, medical research, and security applications, among others. 316 stainless steel explosion proof enclosures, and standard security enclosures, are available for the cameras. They are bundled with IR Flash Pro and MultiCam software and customizable with nine different lens options, and industrial (-40° - 500° C), high temperature (up to 2000° C), and medical (20°C - 50° C) calibration options.


To Learn More:

Contact: Infrared Cameras Inc.
Headquarters: Beaumont, Texas, USA
Product: FMX 640 and FMX 320 cameras
Key Features: 7 µm – 14 µm or 3 µm – 14 µm spectral ranges, Ethernet output, PoE, fixed mount, forward looking infrared sensor, variable calibration options.

What ICI says: View more information on the FMX series cameras.

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