LED linear and bar lights designed for various machine vision applications

May 19, 2020
Available in red, green, blue, UV, IR or RGB varieties.

White LED linear lights and bar lights provide luminance ≥350,000 cd/m2 and ≥1,000,000 cd/m2, respectively, in continuous mode, with uniformity exceeding 90% (±10%) and life spans > 100,000 hours. They are available in 19 standard lengths, from 2.56 in. to 21.8 in. with an IP40 enclosure rating. Custom linear lights can be ordered in any length up to 3.28 feet with an IP65 enclosure rating in red, green, blue, UV, IR or RGB.

Bar lights have an IP40 or optional IP65 enclosure rating with and the same color options can be custom ordered in any length up to 6.56 ft. The manufacturer states that the linear lights and bars suit high speed inspection of glass and plastic, linear inspection of reflective or transparent materials, inspection of sheets or large surfaces and web inspection applications.


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Contact: Phlox
Headquarters: Aix-en-Provence, France
Product: White LED linear and bar lights.
Key Features: 19 standard lengths, red, green, blue, UV, IR or RGB varieties.

What Phlox says:
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