Reconfigurable telecentric lenses designed for machine vision and metrology

June 3, 2020
The new lenses feature swappable front and rear units.

The front-unit rear-unit reconfigurable telecentric VS-TLS lens series from VS Technology are 3.45 µm resolution lenses with models designed for 1.1-inch, 2.3-inch, and 1/1.8-inch optical formats. The series supports a maximum diagonal of 275 mm and has six models ranging from 0.029x to 0.1x magnification. Magnification can be changed by swapping out the rear unit.

VS-TLS lenses are designed for machine vision systems and metrology applications. The manufacturer states that automotive and electronic inspection, measurement, and gauging applications that require large fields of view may also benefit from the VS-TLS series.


To Learn More:

Contact: VS Technology
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Product: VS-TLS series lenses
Key Features: 3.45 µm resolution, designed for 1.1-inch, 2.3-inch, and 1/1/8-inch optical formats, models ranging from 0.029x to 0.1x magnification.

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