Line scan camera software update adds four-channel flash controller triggering function

Sept. 17, 2020
The allPIXA evo camera series can now simultaneously acquire images with different illumination geometries and/or colors.

Chromasens has added the ability to trigger up to four different controller channels synchronized to the flash line to the allPIXA evo line-scan Dual 10GigE camera series. This allows the cameras to capture images with different illumination geometries like dark field, bright field, backlight, or co-axial, and/or different colors (RGB, UV, IR) in one scan using line-multiplexing.

Through deinterlacing and color correction, it is possible to generate from a single scan separate images that focus on desired geometries and colors. This allows the detection of multiple defects that may appear most clearly under different wavelengths from one another. Multi-channel flash functionality also enables composition of HDR images that reduce loss of detail in images of objects with regions of varying levels of brightness.


To Learn More:

Contact: Chromasens
Headquarters: Konstanz, Germany
Product: Multi-Channel Flash Feature update
Key Features: Ability to trigger up to four different controller channels synchronized to the flash line. Generate from a single scan images with different geometries and colors.

What Chromasens says: View more information on the allPIXA evo camera series and multi-channel flash feature.

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