Longwave infrared camera optimized for skin temperature measurement

Sept. 22, 2020
The new Calibir GXF is designed for thermal stability in the human temperature detection range.

The new Calibir GXF camera from Teledyne DALSA, that features the company’s latest microbolometer sensor, is optimized specifically for skin temperature measurement accuracy and thermal stability in the human temperature detection range. The camera is capable of VGA or QVGA resolution and offers lens options to cover 24° to 70° FOV.

An IEC 80601-2-59-2017 certification of the GXF camera is pending and the camera is NDAA, Section 889 compliant. Samples are currently available.


To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne DALSA
Headquarters: Waterloo, ON, Canada
Product: Calibir GXF camera
Key Features: Optimized for skin temperature measurement, VGA or QVGA resolution, 24° to 70° FOV.

What Teledyne DALSA says: View more information on the Calibir GX camera line.

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