Embedded vision MIPI sensor modules feature 4K resolution

Oct. 27, 2020
Sony image sensors offer back-illuminated pixels and HDR technology.

The 4K resolution MIPI sensor module line from iENSO features Sony image sensors with STARVIS and/or digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL-HDR) technology.

The IMX334-based model features 8.29 MPixels resolution, 60/120 fps, and 2 µm back-illuminated pixels in 1/1.8 in. optical format. The IMX377-based model features 12.35 MPixel resolution, 35 fps, and 1.55 µm pixel in 1/2.3 in. optical format. Finally, the IMX317-based model features 8.3 MPixel resolution, 60 fps capture, and 1.62 µm in 1/2.5 in. optical format.

The sensor modules are appropriate for a wide range of applications including surveillance, robotics, wearables, medical, and Internet-of-Things.


To Learn More:

Contact: iENSO
Headquarters: Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Product: 4K resolution MIPI sensor modules
Key Features: Sony image sensors with STAVIS and/or DOL-HDR technologies, 4k resolution, 35 – 120 fps.

What iENSO says: View more information on the 4K resolution MIPI sensor modules.

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