Global shutter CMOS UV camera for machine vision announced

Jan. 28, 2021
The new MV4-D1280U-H01-GT camera can also be deployed for visible light and NIR applications.

The MV4-D1280U-H01-GT UV camera from Photonfocus features a global shutter CMOS image sensor, features 40% quantum efficiency between 170 – 820 nm, and can also be deployed for applications using the visible and NIR spectra.

Other features of the camera, that has a 59 x 59 x 102.5 mm footprint, include backside illumination sensors for reduced image noise, 140 fps at full 1280 x 1024 resolution, C-mount lens adapter, and Power over Ethernet.

According to the manufacturer, the new camera is appropriate for safety-relevant applications like pantograph inspections, the glass, recycling, and automotive sectors, and precious stone quality control. MV4-D1280U-H01-GT units are now available for evaluation purposes.


To Learn More:

Contact: Photonfocus
Headquarters: Lachen, Switzerland
Product: MV4-D1280U-H01-GT UV camera
Key Features: Optimized for UV applications with additional visible and NIR spectra sensitivity, global shutter CMOS image sensor, 40% quantum efficiency between 170 – 820 nm, C-mount lens adapter, Power over Ethernet.

What Photonfocus says:
View more information on the MV4-D1280U-H01-GT UV camera.

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