Hyperspectral LED line lights configurable for up to twelve wavelengths

Feb. 1, 2021
The new lights can provide illumination between 365 and 1700 nm for a range of potential applications.

The new hyperspectral LED line lights for the COBRA MultiSpec platform from ProPhotonix have a spectral range of 400 – 1000 nm. According to the manufacturer the new LED line lights feature spatial and spectral uniformity, are well-matched to the Specim FX10 camera and any camera that utilizes Sony’s IMX174 image sensor.

The lights can also be developed in configurations of up to twelve wavelengths from 365 – 1700 nm and are designed for hyperspectral imaging applications such as currency inspection, pharmaceutical analysis, food sorting, grading and analysis, recycling, and print inspection.


To Learn More:

Contact: ProPhotonix
Headquarters: Salem, NH, USA
Product: COBRA MultiSpec hyperspectral LED line light
Key Features: Spectral range of 400 – 1000 nm, configurations of up to twelve wavelengths from 365 – 1700 nm.

What ProPhotonix says:
View more information on the COBRA MultiSpec hyperspectral LED line light.

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