Lens adapter allows electrical focus and aperture control

Feb. 16, 2021
The SVS EF adapter is designed for use with Canon EF and EF-S series lenses.

The SVS EF adapter, designed for the Canon EF and EF-S lens series, can adjust the focus and aperture of SVS-Vistek cameras via associated software. It can be controlled as a GenICam application without the need for additional drivers. According to the manufacturer, this is meant to allow for rapid integration into existing platforms. M58, M42, and C-Mount versions of the adapter are available and all SVS-Vistek cameras include the necessary hardware interface. The adapter allows for the use of Canon lenses on SVS-Vistek cameras with support for full format up to and including 120 MPixels.


To Learn More:

Contact: SVS-Vistek
Headquarters: Seefeld, Germany
Product: SVS EF adapter
Key Features: Designed for Canon EF and EF-S lens series, controllable through GenICam, M58, M42, and C-Mount options available.

What SVS-Vistek says: View more information on the SVS EF adapter.

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