GigE thermal cameras image in midwave and longwave infrared ranges

Feb. 18, 2021
Manual and motor-focus lens options maximize resolution for varied areas-of-interest.

The FLIR A6780 MWIR (midwave infrared) and A6780 SLS LWIR (longwave infrared) thermal imaging cameras feature manual and motor-focus lens options, to maximize AOI pixel count over varied sizes and distances. Each camera offers a 640 x 512 resolution detector, offers lenses from 200 mm telephoto to 3x microscoping that can achieve 5 micron-per-pixel spatial resolution.

The A6780 MWIR model is a cooled InSb camera and the A6780 LWIR model features a Strained Layer Superlattice detector for faster snapshot feeds and anti-motion blur functionality. Both cameras feature standard GigE connections for control of all features and the thermal data streaming into FLIR Systems’ Research Studio software.


To Learn More:

Contact: FLIR Systems Inc.
Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR, USA
Product: A6780 thermal camera
Key Features: GigE interface, 640 x 512 resolution, lenses from 200 mm telephoto to microscopic.

What FLIR Systems says: View more information on the FLIR A6780 MWIR and SLS thermal cameras.

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