Miniature camera-based code reader features two-color LEDs

Feb. 22, 2021
The Lector 61x code reader also offers magnifying optics and optional polarization filter.

The Lector61x camera-based code reader can detect 1D and 2D images, including stacked codes, and includes a DPM decoder that according to the manufacturer allows reading DPM codes with low contrast or distortion. Magnification optics allow the Lectoe61x to read 1D codes up to 0.02 mm cell size and 2D codes up to 0.04 mm cell size. A polarizing filter is also available.

Eight LEDs project two colors to assist code reading against different surface or code colors. With a 30 x 40 x 50 mm footprint, snap-in bracket, and conducted plug unit, the Lector61x is designed for applications with limited space. An integrated position sensor according to the manufacturer saves time and effort when aligning the code reader.


To Learn More:

Contact: SICK
Headquarters: Waldkirch, Germany
Product: Lector61x code reader
Key Features: 1D and 2D image detection, two-color LEDs, magnification optics, optional polarization filter, 30 x 40 x 50 mm footprint.

What SICK says:
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