High-speed camera features 4 MPixel resolution

Feb. 25, 2021
A 10 GigE option and binned mode can increase throughput speeds.

The Phantom T1340 high-speed camera features a 4 MPixel 12-bit CMOS image sensor that captures 3,270 fps at 2048 x 1952 resolution and 6,160 fps at 1902 x 1080 resolution. Maximum frame rate, at reduced resolution, is 113, 510 fps. Binned mode is available to provide higher throughput and sensitivity boost at 1 MPixel resolution and below.

The camera has a 5 x 5 x 8-in. footprint, is available with 36, 72, or 144 GB of RAM, and a 10 GigE option is available. On-camera controls, video outputs, and compatibility with Phantom CineMag enable standalone operation.


To Learn More:

Contact: Vision Research
Headquarters: Wayne, New Jersey, USA
Product: T1340 high-speed camera
Key Features: 4 MPixel 12-bit CMOS image sensor, 3,270 fps at 2048 x 1952 resolution, binned more available, 10 GigE option.

What Vision Research says: View more information on the T1340 high-speed camera.

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