Hyperspectral camera designed to provide low background noise

March 1, 2021
The SWIR-640 is designed for high SNR levels and dynamic range.

The SWIR-640 camera offers 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands, with 1.2 pixels in the field of view and for all wavelengths, using an MCT sensor. The FPA is cooled to 150K via a sterling cooler. The camera also according to the manufacturer features reduction of spatial and spectral misregistration to less than 10%, low background noise, high dynamic range, and exception SNR levels.

An aberration-correcting optical system with high optical throughput (f/2.0) and wide range of close-up lenses that allow working distance up to a few cm, are other features of the camera. It is design for use in field, laboratory, and airborne applications.


To Learn More:

Contact: HySpex by NEO
Headquarters: Skedsmokorset, Norway
Product: SWIR-640 camera
Key Features: 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands, less than 10%, low background noise, aberration-correcting optical system.

What HySpex says: 
View more information on the SWIR-640 camera.

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