IR-corrected lenses designed for high resolution at all ranges

March 9, 2021
The VS-H-IRC corrects for chromatic aberration during switch from visible to NIR.

VS-H-IRC series compact fixed focal length lenses are IR-corrected, to correct for chromatic aberration and minimize focus shift when switching from visible to infrared wavelengths. The lens series is also designed to maintain high resolution at all ranges. The lenses are designed for 2/3” sensors, feature 3.45 µm pixel size, and support 8 MPixel resolution.

The lenses are offered in 16, 25, and 35 mm focal length models that weigh 96, 110, and 106 g respectively. According to the manufacturer, the lenses support ITS, ANPR, and food sorting applications.


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Contact: VS Technology
Headquarters: Tokyo, JapanProduct: VS-H-IRC IR-corrected lens seriesKey Features: Designed for 2/3” sensors, 3.45 µm pixel size, and support 8 MPixel resolution. 16, 25, or 35 mm focal length

What VS Technology says:
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