Infrared camera blackbody calibrator features Ethernet and WiFi interfaces

March 11, 2021
Fast-calibration and integrated cooling options are available.

The Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux, designed for infrared camera calibration, can according to the manufacturer provide temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3° C, with ambient temperature compensated reference values and integrated monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity. Featuring traceable radiometric calibration and system integration flexibility provided by IoT protocols including fieldbus, REST-API and MQTT, the IRS Calilux can be used continuously to check measurement accuracy during operation.

Connection to infrared cameras is bidirectional via Ethernet or WiFi and when used with an IRSX infrared camera the data exchange works directly. A version of the IRS Calilux is available that maximizes calibration times for quick, on-site use. Optional integrated cooling is also available.


To Learn More:

Contact: AT - Automation Technology GmbH
Headquarters: Bad Oldesloe, Germany
Product: Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux
Key Features: Temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3° C, Ethernet or WiFi interface.

What AT - Automation Technology says:
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