Scientific cameras feature GSENSE sCMOS image sensors

March 15, 2021
Options include cooling, backside illumination, and PCIe interface.

XIMEA has updated its scientific camera offerings with models based on the GSENSE line of sCMOS image sensors from GPixel. These sensors feature a dynamic range up to 90 dB and noise as low as 1 e-. Backside illuminated (BSI) versions of the sensors, according to XIMEA, can attain QE of 95%. They also feature an HDR mode where each pixel’s Low and High gain channels offer readout with two 12-bit ADC samples, resulting in a merged 16-bit.

Models designed for high-speed applications feature global shutter and models designed for low noise feature rolling shutter. Thermoelectric Peltier cooling reduces dark noise on models designed for long exposure times in low light applications. The cameras feature either USB3 or PCIe interface.


To Learn More:

Contact: XIMEA
Headquarters: Muenster, Germany
Product: GSENSE scientific cameras
Key Features: GSENSE sCMOS image sensors including BSI options, dynamic range up to 90 dB, noise down to 1 e-, global or rolling shutter, USB3 or PCIe interface.

What XIMEA says: View more information on the GSENSE scientific camera line.

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