Hyperspectral camera series updated with optimized bandpass filters

March 25, 2021
Linescan and snapshot mosaic models are available.

The xiSpec2 hyperspectral camera series, developed jointly by XIMEA and imec, improves upon first-generation xiSpec cameras with optimized housings and bandpass filters. Each of the four MQ022HG-IM camera models is individually calibrated and delivered with imec’s HIS-Mosaic suite, access to imec’s hyperspectral API, and XIMEA’s camera SDK.

The SM4X4-VIS2 model covers ten spectral bands in the 480 – 625 nm wavelength range. The SM4X4-RN2 model is sensitive to 15 spectral bands in the 600 to 860 nm range. The SM5X5-NIR2 model registers 24 spectral bands in the 665 to 960 nm range, and the LS150-VN2 model covers 150 spectral bands in the 470 to 900 nm range.

All cameras feature micro-B USB3 interface, 26.4 x 26.4 x 32 mm footprint, and 32 g weight.


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Contact: Ximea
Headquarters: Muenster, GermanyProduct: xiSpec2 hyperspectral camerasKey Features: Sensitivity up to 150 spectral bands depending on specific model, micro-B USB3 interface, optimized housing and bandpass filters.

What Ximea says: View more information on the xiSpec2 hyperspectral camera line.

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