Single-board embedded vision system includes image sensor, FPGA, and processor

March 26, 2021
The picoSmart system is targeted at code reading and detection applications.

The picoSmart embedded vision system integrates a monochrome 1 MPixel global shutter CMOS image sensor, FPGA, FPU processor running the VCRT real-time O/S, memory, and FPC board to connect to an interface board or display, all on a 22 x 23.55 mm board. The FPGA is designed to handle most image processing tasks, leaving the processor available for additional tasks.

According to the manufacturer, the system is targeted for code reading and object, position, edge, and fill level detection. The system is currently available as an OEM module. A sample application featuring object recognition is also available.


To Learn More:

Contact: Vision Components GmbH
Headquarters: Ettlingen, Germany
Product: picoSmart embedded vision system 
Key Features: monochrome 1 MPixel global shutter CMOS image sensor, FPGA, FPU processor, FPC board on 22 x 23.55 mm board.

What Vision Components GmbH says:
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