SWIR camera features Sony IMX991 image sensor

April 12, 2021
The AHS-003VIR is sensitive to 512 bands in the visible and infrared wavelengths.

Built with the Sony IMX991 InGaAs SWIR image sensor, the AHS-003VIR push broom hyperspectral camera images 512 bands between 450 to 1700 nm wavelengths, spectroscopically separated at 2.4 nm. The cameras offer 640 x 512 resolution and 5 µm pixel size. Sensor cooling is provided by a Peltier element.

Interfaces include GigE and CameraLink. The camera is equipped with C-mount 1/4-in. lens mount, has an 87 x 80 x 192 mm footprint, and an operating temperature of 10° - 30° C. According to the manufacturer, the camera is appropriate for inspection and material detection applications.


To Learn More:

Contact: Aval Data
Headquarters: Asahi-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Product: AHS-003VIR hyperspectral camera
Key Features: IMX991 image sensor, 450 to 1700 nm wavelength sensitivity, 640 x 512 resolution, 5  µm pixel.

What Aval Data says:
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