Camera reference kit features 13 MPixel PDAF image sensor

June 1, 2021
The THSCU101 Kit serves as development tool or production-ready final product.

The THSCU101 camera reference design kit, first in the THEIA-CAM series, is based on THine’s THP7312 image signal processor (ISP), the IMX258 13 MPixel CMOS PDAF image sensor from Sony, and EZ-USB CX3 USB 3.0 camera controller from Cypress.  It offers optimized ISP and USB control firmware, reference circuit schematics, and scalability for high image quality in production.

Full HD and 4K Ultra HD are possible and the ISP supports high-resolution performance up to 16 MPixels. The USB interface is compliant with the MIPI CSI-2 standard and the kit includes firmware optimized for all USB camera functions. The kit has a 35 x 36 mm footprint.


To Learn More:

Contact: THine Solutions, Inc.
Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA, USA
Product: THSCU101 camera reference design kit
Key Features: THP7312 ISP, IMX258 image sensor, EZ-USB CX3 USB 3.0 camera controller, supports up to 16 MPixels, MIPI CSI-2 compliant, 35 x 36 mm footprint.

What THine Solutions, Inc. says:
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