Liquid lens explorer kit designed for testing and rapid prototyping

July 15, 2021
The Corning AF Explorer kit can be configured with Samsung or Sony image sensors.

The Corning AF Explorer kit, distributed by Macnica ATD Europe, kit is designed to evaluate Corning liquid lenses and developed around the Cypress CX3 chip with MIPI pipeline between sensor, ISP, and embedded host. It is compliant with the USB interface standard.

The kit in its default D-AF-EXP-STD-075 configuration includes a main board; Sony IMX335, MPixel, 1/2.8-in. image sensor; Corning Varioptic C-S-23H0-075-10 auto focus lens module; Time of Flight sensor; and AFLab software.

The kit is also available with a Samsung N3085 8 MPixel 1/3.2-in., Sony IMX307 2 MPixel 1/2.8-in., Sony IMX335 5 MPixel 1/2.8-in., or Sony IMX219 8 MPixel 1/4-in. image sensor. A 2.8-in. LCD display, to visualize live output of the camera system, is also an available option. The kits can be configured with C-C-series or C-S-series lenses from Corning.   


To Learn More:

Contact: Macnica ATD Europe
Headquarters: Chatou, France
Product: Corning AF Explorer Kit
Key Features: Includes image sensor, liquid lens, ToF sensor, AFLab software.

What Macnica ATD Europe says:
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