Cameras feature 65 MPixel resolution and integrated EF mount

July 23, 2021
The new cameras offer easy compatibility with Canon EF lenses.

New 65 MPixel LX series cameras feature an integrated EF mount for easy attachment of Canon EF lenses without external accessories and associated cabling. The cameras are based on the GMAX3265 image sensor from Gpixel and feature a high dynamic range of 66 dB, 37 mm diagonal, 3.2 µm pixel size, and minimal exposure time of 19 µs.

Canon EF lenses are easily configured with the Baumer GAPI, Baumer neoAPI, or third-party software to enable dynamic focus and aperture matching for specific applications with varying operating distances and lighting geometries.


To Learn More:

Contact: Baumer
Headquarters: Radeberg, Germany
Product: 65 MPixel cameras for Canon EF lenses
Key Features: Integrated EF mount, 65 MPixel resolution with 3.2 µm pixel, 19 µs minimal exposure time, 10 GigE interface.

What Baumer says:
View more information on the 65 MPixel cameras for Canon EF lenses.

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