Miniature line scan smart camera for embedded applications

Aug. 27, 2021
The Vision Sensor LM has only a 45 x 25 x 54 mm footprint.

The Vision Sensor LM line scan smart camera has a 45 x 25 x 54 mm footprint, is based on a quad-core ARM processor, and designed for embedded applications. The camera is available in 1k or 2k resolution, in color or monochrome models, with S-mount or C-mount lenses, and features M12 industrial connectors.

It supports the Linux Debian 10 OS and ViewIT software framework from IMAGO. ViewIT handles image acquisition and I/O handling among other tasks. Python, C++ based tools, and Halcon plugins are easy to integrate with the software framework.


To Learn More:

Contact: IMAGO Technologies GmbH
Headquarters: Friedberg, Germany
Product: Vision Sensor LM
Key Features: 45 x 25 x 54 mm footprint, quad-core ARM processor, 1k or 2k resolution, color or monochrome models, S-mount or C-mount, M12 industrial connectors.

What IMAGO Technologies GmbH says:
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