16 MPixel image sensor features compact package design

Sept. 14, 2021
The XGS 16000 offers high readout speed for industrial imaging.

The XGS 16000 16 MPixel CMOS image sensor, in 1.1-in. optical format and with 3.2 µm global shutter pixel, supports up to 65 fps at full resolution and is compatible with cameras that have a 29 x 29 mm2 footprint. It is available in a 163-pin iLGA package in monochrome and Bayer color configurations and shares a common design architecture and footprint with other members of the XGS image sensor family. This allows one camera design to support multiple resolutions.

According to the manufacturer, the XGS 16000 is appropriate for inspection systems, security camera and systems, and machine vision applications.


To Learn More:

Contact: Onsemi
Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Product: XGS 16000 image sensor
Key Features: 16 MPixel CMOS global shutter, 1.1-in. optical format, 3.2 µm pixel, up to 65 fps at full resolution, monochrome and Bayer color configurations.

What Onsemi says:
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