New CMOS image sensors feature BSI technology

Sept. 27, 2021
Three new models have been added to the SmartGS series.

The SmartGS-2 global shutter CMOS image sensor line features BSI pixel structure to improve sensitivity and image quality. Three new models have been added to the series. The 3 MPixel SC350HGS has 4/2 µm pixel size, captures 75 fps, and is designed for 2/3-in. optical format. The SC650HGS 6 MPixel and SC950HGS 9 MPixel image sensors feature 4.0 µm pixel size,  capture 65 fps, and are designed for 1 and 1.1-in. optical format respectively.

According to the manufacturer, all three sensors achieve 90% QE at 520 nm. The sensors are now available for sampling, with mass production expected in Q4, 2021.

To Learn More:

Contact: SmartSens
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Product: SmartGS-2 image sensor line
Key Features: Global shutter CMOS, 90% QE at 520 nm, 65-75 fps depending on model. 

What SmartSens says: View more information on the SmartGS-2 image sensor line.

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