Hyperspectral camera images in the near ultraviolet and visible ranges

Oct. 20, 2021
The Pika NUV2 covers the spectrum from 330 to 800 nm wavelengths.

The Pika NUV2 hyperspectral camera is sensitive in the near ultraviolet and visible wavelengths (330 to 800 nm) for a total of 255 contiguous spectral channels at each pixel, with each spectral channel measuring 1.84 nm width. The spectral resolution is 3.2 nm and each camera frame is an image line with 1500 spatial pixels.

According to the manufacturer, this line scan imaging spectrometer is ideal for sorting and quality control applications. It features USB 3.0 interface, has a 23 x 10.7 x 8.5 mm footprint, weighs 2.3 kg, and requires 3.4 W power.

To Learn More:

Contact: Resonon
Headquarters: Bozeman, MT, USA
Product: Pika NUV2 hyperspectral camera
Key Features: 330 to 800 nm sensitivity, USB 3.0 interface, 255 contiguous spectral channels at each pixel.

What Resonon says:
View more information on the Pika NUV2 hyperspectral camera.

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