GigE camera features 5 MPixel resolution and high light sensitivity

Nov. 1, 2021
The Blackfly S camera is designed to reduce lighting requirements.

Blackfly S GigE 5 MPixel cameras, available in color and monochrome with 2448 x 2048 resolution, feature Sony’s Pregius S IMX547 global shutter CMOS image sensor, with 2.74 µm pixel size in 1/18-in. format. It captures at full resolution 24 fps in normal mode and 30 fps with lossless compression enabled.

The camera offers 68% QE at 525 nm, 2.49 e- read noise, and low absolute sensitivity threshold of 4.4 photons, reducing lighting requirements. It weighs 53 g, features a C-mount lens mount, has a 29 x 29 x 39 mm footprint, and an operating temperature of 0° C to 50° C.

To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne FLIR
Headquarters: Richmond, BC, Canada
Product: Blackfly S GigE 5 MPixel camera
Key Features: 5 MPixel, 2448 x 2048 resolution, 2.74 µm pixel, 1/18-in. format, 24 fps in normal mode and 30 fps with lossless compression.

What Teledyne FLIR says:
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