Embedded Vision System

March 3, 2022

Embedded Vision System

Users of the all-in-one embedded vision system IDS NXT ocean now have a range of new features including multi-ROI (Region Of Interest) for AI-based object detection, and the possibility to use different neural networks for different ROIs in one image via Vision App. In addition, there are binning, line scan mode, and performance and configuration improvements. New customers can also freely choose whether they want to use the IDS NXT lighthouse training software on AWS or via Microsoft Azure Cloud. With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, IDS Imaging Development Systems now supports another host for the AI training software IDS NXT lighthouse in addition to AWS. The scope of functions and services as well as the operation of the training software is the same with both hosts. Instead of setting up their own development environment, users can start training their own neural network right away in IDS NXT lighthouse, even without prior knowledge of deep learning or camera programming.

To Learn More:

Contact: IDS Imaging Development Systems
Headquarters: Obersulm, Germany
Product: IDS NXT ocean
Key Features: Multi-ROIs; different neural networks for different ROIs in one image; training via AWS or Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What IDS Imaging Development Systems says: View more information on IDS NXT ocean.  

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