Optotune Launches Lens and Controller

March 30, 2022
Lens optimized for low thermal sensitivity, while controller runs up to four lenses simultaneously

Optotune has released a liquid lens and four-channel controller. The EL-12-30-TC Lens can be shaped from a flat zero-state into a plano-concave or plano-convex lens, resulting in a focal power range of -6 to +10 diopters (at -250 to +250mA). It has been optimized for low thermal sensitivity <0.01dpt /°C and low power consumption of 55mW. Cover glasses are AR-coated for 420 to 950nm. Meanwhile, the ICC-4C controls up to four lenses simultaneously with h +/- 500 mA per channel. Numerous interfaces are provided including USB, Ethernet (PoE+), I2C, UART, 0-10V analog.

To Learn More:

Contact: Optotune 

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland.

Product: EL-12-30-TC Lens

Key Features: Optimized for low thermal sensitivity <0.01dpt /°C, Low power consumption of 55mW, Cover glasses are AR-coated for 420 to 950nm.

What Optotune says: View more information on EL-12-30-TC Lens.

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