Prophesee Releases Event-Based Vision Evaluation Kit

April 20, 2022
The kit is designed to withstand field test conditions

Prophesee has launched the HD Metavision® Evaluation Kit (Metavision® EVK4-HD), which allows developers of computer vision systems to evaluate the Sony IMX636ES HD stacked event-based vision sensor. The kit comes with the Metavision® Intelligence Suite, a set of software tools for application development, including 95 algorithms, 67 code samples, and 11 ready-to-use applications. The kit also includes a C-mount 1/2.5’’ lens, C-CS lens mount adapter, tripod, and USB–C to USB-A cable. It has a maximum system bandwidth of 1.6 Gbps and maximum power of 1.5 W, which is powered via USB. Built from aluminum alloy, the EVK combines a 40 g design with efficient heat dissipation, electrical isolation, and overall case shielding. Measuring 30 × 30  × 36 mm, it can fit in space-constrained systems and is designed to withstand field test conditions. Prophesee says its Metavision® sensors and algorithms mimic how the human eye and brain work to improve efficiency in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, and other applications.

The Sony IMX636ES features 4.86-μm pixel pitch and 1280 × 720 pixel resolution. This sensor was made possible through a collaboration between Sony and Prophesee by combining Sony's CMOS image sensor technology with Prophesee's Event-Based Metavision sensing technology.

To Learn More:

Contact: Prophesee 

Headquarters: Paris, France

Product:Metavision EVK4-HD

Key Features: Includes a set of software tools for application development, Compatible with C- and CS-mount compatible lenses, Measures 30 x 30 x 36 mm

What Prophesee says: View more information on Metavision EVK4-HD. 

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