Chromasens Releases Color Line Scan Camera

May 4, 2022
The camera is designed for fast integration into vision systems applications.

Chromasens has released a CMOS line scan camera—the allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X— designed for high-speed color inspection. The camera has a 16-line, 8K pixel CMOS sensor with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) options for increased responsivity with maximum line rates of 3 x 90 kHz in 12-bit RGB mode. NIR pass filters enable the sensor to recognize object features in the visible and NIR spectrum at line rates of 4 x 68 kHz when set in RGB+NIR mode. The camera also has a dual 10GigE with SFP+ interface. Because fast integration reduces production downtime, it also comes with an intuitive graphical tool and an SDK for control and image capture in Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

To Learn More:

Contact: Chromasens

Headquarters: Konstanz, Germany

Product: allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X

Key Features: A 16-line, 8K pixel CMOS sensor with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) options, Dual 10GigE with SFP+ interface, NIR pass filters

What Chromasens says: View more information on the allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X. 

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