F-mount Lenses for High-Resolution Applications

May 24, 2022
The lenses are part of a solution including cameras, interface cards and software.

Basler AG is expanding its CXP portfolio to include Basler F-mount Lenses, offering customers an all-in-one hardware solution for applications requiring high resolutions, such as in factory automation and electronics. In addition to the lenses, the solution also includes boost cameras with large-format CMOS sensors from onsemi's XGS series, interface cards, and software. The lenses are optimized for sensors with resolutions up to 45 MPixels, with a focal length of 25-75 mm, and a blue dot on the iris range indicating the aperture setting. Focus and iris settings are lockable. The boost cameras feature resolutions from 9-45 MPixels, 12.5-Gbps transmission speed over one channel, and frame rates up to 150 fps at full resolution. The solution is available immediately.

To Learn More:

Contact: Basler AG

Headquarters: Ahrensburg, Germany

Product: Basler F-mount Lenses

Key Features: Optimized for sensors with up to 45-MPixel resolutions, Focal length of 25-75 mm, Focus and iris settings are lockable

What Basler says:

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