Beyond Visible Machine Vision Cameras

June 27, 2022
The line of SWIR, UV, and Polarized cameras goes beyond the spectrum of visible light to undercover defects that escape conventional cameras.

The Beyond Visible line of expanded wavelength cameras leverages SWIR, UV, and polarized high-sensitivity CMOS sensors from Sony to uncover defects that escape conventional cameras or the human eye. Beyond Visible SWIR cameras incorporate the Sony SenSWIR sensor capable of 400 nm VIS (visible) to 1700 nm SWIR (invisible) spectral sensitivity and offer 1280 × 1024 (1.3 MPixel) at 259 fps. Offering a Sony Pregius UV 2/3” CMOS sensor, Beyond Visible UV cameras reveal defects beyond the spectrum of visible light in the ultraviolet range of 200 to 400 nm. Available in CoaXPress-12 and 10GigE interfaces, the cameras deliver resolutions up to 2840 × 2840 (8.1 MPixel) and frame rates of 193 fps. Equipped with a Sony Polarsens CMOS low noise sensor incorporating the latest four-directional on-chip polarization filter technology, Beyond Visible polarized cameras offer resolutions up to 2448 × 2048 (8.1 MPixel) and frame rates of 43 fps using either GigE or USB3 Vision interfaces.

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Contact: SVS-Vistek
HeadquartersGilching, Germany
Product: Beyond Visible Cameras
Key Features: Three sensor designs/11 models; multiple camera interfaces; Sony image sensors.

What SVS-Vistek says:
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