TKH Acquires 3D Stereo Machine Vision Company Nerian

July 26, 2022
Nerian designs and manufactures high-speed stereo vision cameras that deliver 3D scanning capability for automation and inspection.
Haaksbergen, the Netherlands—TKH Group N.V. (TKH), a technology company focused on advanced innovative technology systems in high-growth markets, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Nerian Vision GmbH (Nerian), a disruptive stereo machine vision company based in Stuttgart, Germany, that designs and manufactures high-speed stereo vision systems. TKH will acquire 100% of the shares of Nerian. Nerian will join the group of machine vision companies of TKH Vision while continuing to sell its products under the Nerian brand and maintaining its existing partnerships.

Nerian’s stereo vision sensors capture and process stereo vision images into 3D data at more than 70 million 3D points per second and frame rates of up to 125 Hz allowing for high-resolution 3D data at both near and far range to be captured in real time. Cameras are available with IP67 protection ratings for use in very harsh environments and with synchronized inertial measurement units embedded in the sensors. Nerian 3D cameras are fully compatible with active pattern projectors for increasing accuracy on difficult-to-measure objects.

“The acquisition of Nerian expands TKH Vision’s portfolio of smart vision systems by increasing the 3D capabilities of the group. Together with TKH Vision’s extensive market reach, advanced software, and turnkey solution capabilities, Nerian’s 3D cameras will allow for new solutions to challenging applications including mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles, bin-picking and robot guidance across a variety of markets such as logistics, factory automation, agriculture and construction.” says Mark Radford, Vice President, TKH Vision.

Dr. Konstantin Schauwecker, CEO of Nerian, says, “The addition of Nerian’s high-speed 3D camera portfolio to TKH Vision expands the capabilities of the group in both industrial and non-industrial applications. Likewise, Nerian will benefit from the synergy of the larger commercial organization and well-established supply chain and production facilities of TKH, which will greatly accelerate Nerians ability to capture market share.”

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