10 GigE Cameras Launched

Aug. 10, 2022
The C-mount industrial cameras with Sony sensors enable high-speed data transfer and low latency.

Imaging Development Systems GmbH (IDS) has launched the uEye Warp10 series of cameras. They are compliant with the 10 GigE interface and the IMX250 (5 MPixels), IMX253 (12 MPixels), and IMX255 (8.9 MPixels) Sony Preguis CMOS sensors. The C-mount industrial cameras enable high-speed data transfer and low latency over cable lengths of up to 100 m without repeaters or optical extenders via standard CAT6A cables with RJ45 connectors. The uEye Warp10 cameras also are backwards compatible with 1GigE, 2.5GigE, and 5GigE and automatically adjust their speed. IDS says fast data-transfer rates allow inspection applications on the production line with high clock speeds or image processing systems in sports analysis. The cameras are supported by the IDS peak software development kit.

To Learn More:

Contact:  Imaging Development Systems GmbH  

Headquarters: Obersulm, Germany

Product: uEye Warp10 cameras

Key Features: 10 GigE interface, C-Mount, Sony Preguis CMOS sensors

What Imaging Development Systems GmbH (IDS) says:

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