External Light Source with Integrated Camera Mount

Sept. 13, 2022
The light is particularly useful for machine vision applications requiring bright illumination at long distances, such as for automated inspection of products on high-speed conveyors.

Smart Vision Lights has released the JWL150, which is compatible with most major machine vision cameras. The first in the company's new Camera-to-Light (CTL) series, the JWL150 can be directly connected to a camera through optional mounting plates and controlled through a camera’s trigger output. The IP65-rated bright-field light has a working distance of 500 to 2000 mm as well as 10°, 14°, and 30° lens options. With a batwing shape, it also features Multi-Drive™ technology, which offers both continuous operation and OverDrive™ mode. In continuous operation mode, the JWL150 can provide either constant light or be triggered following the camera’s exposure signal. OverDrive™ mode delivers a strobe duration of 10 µ to 7 ms and a latency response of 6 µ. The JWL150 targets disparate machine vision projects, with a particular focus on inspecting products on high-speed conveyorsan application requiring bright illumination at long distances.

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Contact: Smart Vision Lights

Headquarters: Norton Shores, MI, USA

Product: JWL150

Key Features: Working distance of 500 to 2000 mm; 10°, 14°, and 30° lens options; Controllable though a camera’s trigger output

What Smart Vision Lights says:

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