3D Color Motion Camera for Static and Dynamic Imaging

Sept. 21, 2022
The camera is suitable for industrial 3D vision and vision-guided robotics.

Photoneo has introduced an updated MotionCam-3D, which now has color capabilities. The camera, with a proprietary CMOS image sensor, scans dynamic scenes and creates colorful 3D point clouds in real time. It has a scanning range from 36 cm up to 4 m, depending on the model. MotionCam-3D Color, which is powered by Photoneo’s patented Parallel Structured Light technology, provides color information as an RGB image mapped on the 3D data with 1:1 pixel correspondence to either a depth map or as a native RGB image with a resolution of up to 8 MPixels. It scans objects moving up to 144 km/h (no motion blur, in-depth data). Dynamic mode: resolution of 0.9 MPixels and accuracy of 0.300 mm. Static mode: resolution of 2 MPixels and accuracy of 0.150 mm. The camera is suitable for industrial 3D vision and vision-guided robotics. 

To Learn More:

Contact: Photoneo 

Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia

Product: MotionCam-3D Color

Key Features: Gen|Cam compatible, CMOS sensor, Area scanning of object moving up to 144 km/h

What Photoneo says:

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