High Output Light Box for Machine Vision

Nov. 18, 2022
The light box is designed for high-speed automated inspections, such as for semiconductors.

CCS America updated the  PFBR-600 SW Series light box unit and released it as the PFBR-600SW2 Series. It has a response time of less than 1 μs, service lifetime of 23,000 hours, trigger filter, confirmation command, and a multi-filter changer that holds five filters. Manual and external control modes over Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP/IP), parallel communication, and serial communication (RS-232C). Light intensity can be set in a maximum of 1,024 steps (10-bit: 1,024 steps / 8-bit: 256 steps). LCD panel displays operating status such as light source, temperature, light intensity, and operating time. The light-source unit is designed for high-speed automated inspections, such as for semiconductors. 

To Learn More:

 Contact: CCS America

Headquarters: Woburn, MA, USA

Product: PFBR-600SW2 Series

Key Features: Response time of less than 1 μs, Service lifetime of 23,000 hours, Manual and external control modes over Ethernet, parallel communication, and serial communication.

What CCS America says:

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