Industrial-Grade 3D Camera

Nov. 22, 2022
It is a simple plug-in replacement for an existing Zivid Two when the extra distance and reach is necessary.

The Zivid Two L100 is a 3D camera with industrial-grade reliability that can tackle the larger, deeper bins typically seen in the manufacturing industry. The L100 is built on the Zivid Two platform. It offers the same high resolution of 2.3 MPixels and is fully compatible with Zivid’s SDK 2.8 and Zivid Studio development tools. The Zivid Two L100 offers longer focus distance of 100 cm, longer recommended working distance of 60 to 160 cm, 105 × 62 @ 100 (cm) field of view, point cloud data as XYZ + RGB + SNR, high dynamic range of > 15 stops (90 dB), and spatial resolution of 0.56 mm @ 100 cm. It is enclosed in the same robust magnesium enclosure as Zivid Two and is compatible with the full range of Zivid Two accessories.

To Learn More:

Contact: Zivid
: Oslo, Norway
Product: Zivid Two L100 3D Camera
Key Features: 2.3 MPixel resolution; 100-cm focus distance; dynamic range of > 15 stops (90 db).

What Zivid says:
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