LED Strobe Lighting

Dec. 1, 2022
The product series is designed for high-speed automated inspection.

CCS America has expanded its PF (Power Flash) Series of LED lighting and related power supplies with 28 new models in various form factors designed exclusively for strobe illumination. The PF series is designed for high-speed image processing inspection because of its high-power strobing in steps of 0.1 μs. It has a peak illuminance of 15.5 million lux. The PF Series now includes flat dome lights (four sizes), coaxial lights for high-resolution cameras (two sizes), flat lights (three sizes), and low-angle square lights (two sizes). Small sizes of bar lights and diffused ring lights have also been added for precision inspection. Each model is available in red and white LED emission colors. The series, originally released in 2016, can be used in the inspection of electronic components, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and other types of products.  

To Learn More:

Contact: CCS America

Headquarters: Woburn, MA, USA

Product: PF Series

Key Features: Strobe illumination, Red and white LED emission colors, Peak illuminance of 15.5 million lux.

What CCS America says:

View more information on the PF Series. 

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LED Lighting


June 21, 2024

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