CCD-based Color Line Scan Camera

Dec. 6, 2022
The camera also captures images in the NIR waveband.

Chromasens has released the allPIXA™ pro 2k, which is a trilinear CCD-based color line scan camera. With large 10 μm CCD pixels, the camera achieves maximum line rates of 2048 x 3-pixel resolution at 90.7 kHz when used in CameraLink Full mode. Captures images in NIR waveband. Continuous white balancing compensates for color differences in different types of lights. The camera has adapters for F-mount, C-mount, M39x1/26", M42x1, and M72x0.75 lenses and can be mounted in multiple angles because of its internal keystone correction feature. With dimensions of 102 x 100 x 77 mm, the  the allPIXA™ pro 2k is designed for print verification, tile inspection, food and fruit sorting, flat panel inspection, and other machine vision tasks.

To Learn More:

Contact: Chromasens

Headquarters: Konstanz, Germany

Product: allPIXA™ pro 2k

Key Features: 2048 x 3-pixel resolution at 90.7kHz, Captures in the NIR waveband, Large 10μm CCD pixels.

What Chromasens says:

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