IP Camera with WiFi Capability

April 20, 2023

Active Silicon added WiFi capability to is recently launched Harrier IP camera series for networked image and video transmissions. Harrier IP cameras transmit and receive data over a network or the internet via the Harrier IP Camera Interface Board technology, which compresses the camera LVDS video signal (using H.264) and converts it to an RTP video stream that is transmitted across the network. Harrier wireless IP cameras are ONVIF Profile S compatible, so any Profile S compatible user-developed software or third-party application can be used to control the camera over the IP connection. The cameras are tools for such functions as networked surveillance, medical imaging, and remote inspection. Harrier IP cameras are suited for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and remote operated vehicles (ROVs).

To Learn More:

Contact: Active Silicon 

Headquarters: Iver, UK

Product: Harrier IP camera series

Key Features: WiFi capable, ONVIF Profile WS Compatible, Compact footprint

What Active Silicon says:  

View more information on Harrier IP Cameras.

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