9 MPixel Cameras with Sony Sensors

May 29, 2023
Frame rates of up to 85 fps.

Alkeria has introduced four camera models in the company's CELERA line that are equipped with either the Sony Pregius IMX 255 or IMX 267 sensor. The models are designed for machine vision applications that require high-resolution images and high-speed data transfer. With a resolution of 4112 x 2176 pixels, the cameras are available in both monochrome and color modes. C9SX-M and C9SX-C, which are equipped with the Sony Pregius IMX255 sensor, can reach up to 85 fps and have dual-USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 connectivity. Meanwhile, the CO9S-M and CO9S-C, equipped with the Sony Pregius IMX 267 sensor, are capable of an acquisition rate of up to 32 fps and have USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 connectivity. The cameras also come equipped with advanced sequencer technologyversatile I/Oan advanced triggering systemand programmable LUTs

To Learn More:

Contact: Alkeria

Headquarters: Pisa, Italy

Product: CELERA

Key Features: Monochrome and color versions, 9 MPixel resolution, Frame rates up to 85 fps.

What Alkeria says:

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Feb. 10, 2023

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