New High Speed 3D Camera Now Available

June 19, 2023
Machine vision camera designed for robotic bin picking.

Zivid recently launched the 2+M130, a structured light 3D camera designed for robotic high-speed piece picking across a wide spectrum of inventory SKUs. The camera is equipped with transparency 3D capture technology, 5 MPixel image sensor, high-powered pattern projector, and combined 2D and 3D imaging capability. The aperture has a range of f/2.1 to f/16 and its minimum per pattern projection exposure time is 1.677 ms with a capture time of 100 ms to 1 s. Its optimum working distance is between 1,000 and 1,600 mm, FOV is 790 x 650 at 1300 mm, and spatial resolution is 0.32 at 1300 mm. It has 10 GigE15 , M12 x-coded, 8-pin connector, CAT6A, SF-UTP or better. Rated at IP65, it measures 169 x 124 x 56 mm, weighs 1 kg, and can operate in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C. 

To Learn More:

Contact: Zivid

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Product: 2+M130

Key Features: Transparency 3D capture, combined 2D and 3D imaging, 5 MPixel image sensor

What Zivid says:

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