New Light Source Product Series Launched

July 11, 2023
Light source designed for machine vision camera module calibration applications.

CCS Inc. has released its LDF-RLS Series reference light source for camera/image sensor calibration. The new light source, with adjustable color temperature, is housed in one unit. There are two types available: a 4-color temperature switching type that can switch between 3,100°K ±100°K, 4,000°K±120°K, 5,100°K±150°K, 6,500°K±210°K, and a 2-color mixed tuning type that adjusts the color temperature to any point between 2,800°K and 7,600°K. They are designed to allow a single light source to be used for multiple applications. The 4-color temperature switching type is equipped with LEDs of 4 different color temperatures, which can be changed by using the CCS power supply with four or more channels. The 2-color mixed tuning type can adjust two LEDs to create color temperatures according to the environment in which it is being used.

The LDF-RLS achieves uniformity of 90% or better across the entire emitting surface for all color temperature settings. It can be used with a PWM control power supply to reduce color temperature changes caused by dimming. Made from aluminum alloy, it is 59 x 67 x 43.5 mm, with an emitting surface of 31 x 31 mm. It can operate in 0-40°C in humidity of 20-85% RH.

To Learn More:

Contact: CCS America, Inc. 

Headquarters: Woburn, MA, USA

Product: LDF-RLS Series Light Source

Key Features: Adjustable color temperature, one unit housing, 90% or better uniformity

What CCS America says: View more information on LDS-RLS Series. 


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June 21, 2024

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