New Backlit Flat Diffuse Lights Launched

Aug. 15, 2023
New machine vision light sources offer five wavelengths, high intensity.

Advanced Illumination recently launched an upgraded version of its FD series of backlit flat diffuse lights, the FD2 series. FDS backlights are pre-engineered to allow for size configurations in 1 in increments, from 3 – 46 in in length and width. These lights are offered in five wavelength options and can be configured with polarized film. They can operate in 0° to 60°C temperatures; a 12 x 12 in unit weighs 2167 g. On a 24V current, they operate at 0.15A per square inch. They are CE, RoHS, and IEC 62471 compliant and have a lumen maintenance rating of L70=50,000 hours. The FD2 series provides a high diffuse, high intensity light source and is used for a variety of machine vision inspection applications, particularly inspection of highly specular surfaces.

To Learn More:

Contact: Advanced Illumination 

Headquarters: Rochester, VT, USA

Product: FD2 backlit flat diffuse lights

Key Features: Five wavelength options, CE, RoHS, and IEC 62471 compliant, high diffuse

What Advanced Illumination says: View more information on the FD2 series.

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